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Usan XIV

The photo used as the background for this page, depicts the eye and upper right-hand face of an Usan octopus, found dead on the strandline during the October of 2016. The particular spot at which it was found, acts as a deposition point for peculiarities found washed-up at a certain beach. The tidal eddies appear to converge here, and occasionally something out of the ordinary is found in an area of just a few square feet. This place is also where many of the most unusual Usan agates are to be found, for presumably similar reasons, being picked by the ever-mercurial Usan tides, from the deeper reaches of the surrounding coastal deeps and taken here, perhaps over a course of many, many years. Often, during winter, this place is shrouded with various types of seaweed torn from the undersea outcrops offshore, and so searching the shingle banks can be difficult. Persevere.

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