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50mm x 31mm

If you consult the old agate tomes, you will know the fine landscape or "Picture Agates" of the famed Blue Hole of Usan. Here we have an agate from the area, a fair distance south of that proposed location, that exhibits very similar markings and is almost unique in that respect as regards agates from the area from which this stone was collected.

                     This agate was found low on the shore north of Boddin point, probably during 2012, and remained uncut for years. At the time of writing (December the 4th 2016) I have cut nearly all of my stock of larger Usan nodules collected over a 4 year period. I can be reasonably sure that nothing else of this quality or particular persuasion exists amongst what specimens I have left. Yes, it is fractured, but then, this IS a beach agate. Beach agates, as opposed to quarry or field agates, are obviously more commonly very weathered, and I regard them as artifacts, and as such if well marked, best appreciated with the damage incurred over many hundreds of years regarded as part of the stone's overall beauty. Initially damage in fine agates upset me, large fractures in particular, but now I do not feel the same way. Unless, of course, an agate is merely just a mess of cracks, healed or otherwise. That sort of thing occurs at Usan frequently. Agates that have been totally shattered, yet drawn together again by a subsequent geological process. Although, in the interest of honesty, perhaps in purely human terms we might remove the "Logic". 

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