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18mm x 15.5mm. Photograph by David Dorman.

First of all I'd like to thank both David Dorman, for his meticulous photography, and David Hudson for his very fine and sensitive lapidary work on this exceptional Usan stone. Together, they have elevated this agate's natural beauty, and ensured that it can be enjoyed for what I hope will be many generations of admirers.
                  This agate was found at the extreme northern edge of an area of shingle at a particular beach north of Boddin Point during the autumn of the year 2013. Uncracked, it shows the fine contrast of the red and orange outer banding with the grey-blue haemocytes of the central area of the nodule. It was broken fully across the face when found, and I never would have imagined what could have been achieved through very careful and expertly-judged grinding and polishing by a good friend. 
                  A sweet thing indeed.
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