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19mm x 15mm

This small agate was discovered in the shingle of a small beach location north of Elephant Rock in 2013. It appears to show what may be arrangements of tube-like zeolites from above, being cut through the inclusion. The colours are contrasting and subtly shaded. With the light fracturing running from the right of the inclusion, the shape reminds me of a jellyfish with its tentacles trailing. Although, that is perhaps a crude comparison, and when the stone is viewed in David's far finer photograph below, the interior patterning reminds one more morbidly, yet more precisely of a maggot-infested wound. An off-colour reference you might say, but that is what springs immediately to my mind. I have included both photos as I feel that the above picture better represents the colouration of the piece when viewed by the naked eye, additionally it is not reversed. The smaller stones in Usan can often be the finest as regards pattern and colouration, and this piece is truly exquisite.

Photograph by David Dorman.
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