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43mm x 34mm

Translucent agates in orange and red (and in this case yellow and grey-green) are rare in the Usan area. Generally coloured agates in this location tend to be opaque. It is clear to see that in this example, (orange in particular) these colours have been caused by the influence of seawater along the obvious cracks. If this agate can be described as a "bloody egg" it is one of a geologically ancient era. It was likely a grey-blue stone originally, and due to extensive weathering and fractures gained the colours seen here. It is also unusually large as regards its type. It was found in the beach shingle, of a particular location north of Elephant Rock in the deep of winter when all the stones were wet. The large eyes in the face appeared obvious on the stones' exterior. It remains a favourite, and I am reminded of its day of discovery, by myself, whenever a light snow falls and the road to Usan is whitened and the seaweed striated in the cold. It is a beauty.

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