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33mm x 23mm

This specimen is probably the finest agate I have from the Usan area. Presumably this agate began its existence being of entirely pink and light grey-blue colouration. The areas of dark blue-grey and black were caused by extensive weathering, which can be divulged from seeing how these darker areas slowly encroach upon the pink centre from the outside edges of the stone. The outside of the nodule appeared completely blue-black with the banding visible in silvery white.


I picked up this stone in a deep gully, difficult of access and entirely inaccessible at any other time than during a low tide. This small location is generally barren of agates, which makes my discovery of this piece there all the more remarkable. Over the years I have managed to pick up only a smattering of agates here, usually none but occasionally one, and generally pieces with the same blue-black colouration. It's quite an exposed spot, as regards the influence of the incoming tide, and this probably accounts for the intensive weathering. Recent trips to the same place have not turned up any new specimens, even after stormy weather, so it may be that the supply of unusually coloured agates from here has become exhausted. Although I generally find myself investigating again and again regardless of this fact!





31mm x 23mm
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