66mm x 59mm

It was while on a calm and cool June evening at Lunan, while searching an often visited bar of shingle, that I discovered a large mainly white nodule, with red-orange sunken orbs of sagenitic inclusions on the skin. I could just discern faint fortification patterns in grey-blue-white on the nodule's surface. There was indeed, good reason to be excited!

                          I have picked-up many hundreds of similar-looking stones in the area, only too be subsequently assured that they were merely quartzite nodules, geodes or pale jasper. In this one case, the chances were many to one. Intricate sagenitic patterns are prevalent through the agate, and indeed, it also resembles the "dissected heart of a deep-sea monster" as has already been suggested in relation to a fine Kintyre piece mentioned elsewhere.

                          It is also worth noting how similar in colour and certain other attributes this agate is to the stone that follows it in this gallery. They were found in the same area, and only a few hundred feet apart. I would suggest that both agates share a common offshore source. Probably somewhere around where Lunan Water joins the sea to the east of the location.

63mm x 58mm