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35mm x 34mm

35mm x 31mm

Lunan agates can appear otherworldly in their beauty. Witness here, in particular, the intricate ethereal darting tubes that frolic like dolphins or flying fish in the middle right area of the nodule. Observe the subtle pinks, yellows, whites and grey-blue colours.

                 This nodule was recovered by myself during the April of 2016 while a high tide was on the ebb on a magical evening such are many while visiting the area. The interior reveals zeolitic inclusions. I knew the darker, mineralised area of the agate would be best to cut through, however it also only covered a slender section of the agate. This has resulted in an incomplete pattern, which was unavoidable. The nodule's mate is pictured previously, but while magnificent, it does not exhibit the exquisite patterns of this piece.


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