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54mm x 32mm

I have tried not to include any examples of the more average Lunan agates here, however this piece speaks to me. It is also of a larger size than is normal for the location. Many of the blue-grey fortification and onyx-banded Lunan stones display yellow staining on the outside of the weathered sea-worn nodule, and this was certainly no exception. It was found south of Red Castle, closer to Ethie Haven than Lunan proper, partially buried in the sand, during the late summer of 2014. 

             As can be seen here, Lunan stones exhibit many of the qualities of agates from locations further north, as well as qualities distinct to the area. For example, the "mossy" celadonite inclusions at the base are often encountered in stones from Ferryden and Scurdie Ness. The abundant eyes and onyx banding are characteristic to Usan agates, while appearing usually in less profusion in examples from many Scottish sites. The culmination of all these particularities, plus the addition of the "silky" Lunan patterning as regards banding in all its distinctions is what reveals this agate as a product of its origin.  The layers of folding onyx banding here are exquisite and the absence of fractures in this stone is a refreshing oddity in beach agates! 

              I made this particular agate a gift to my parents.

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