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29mm x 25mm

The coloured agates of Kintyre are among the finest and most unusual of those found on earth. That may be a wild statement, but nonetheless in my own humble opinion it is a valid one. Often these agates are filled with well-defined haemocytes of vivid colour. Reds, oranges,pinks, whites, greys, yellows, and browns. Often again, the patterns within the stones are filigree and show forms not seen in other agates in Scotland, except perhaps in the strange moss and jasp-agates of Usan. A perhaps finer specimen was discovered by my companion on the trip during which this agate was found. This piece was discovered by myself in the same area of shingle that the first stone photographed earlier in this section of my website was found. It is unlikely now that I will be able to take a photograph of the other better piece. However, should I ever have the opportunity to do so, it will be included here at a later date.

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