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80mm x 70mm

This is the largest agate from Kintyre I have seen, either within my own small collection, or in those photographed in the collections of others. I firmly believe larger stones exist at the location. During one of my stays on the peninsula in May of 2015, generally calm weather was occasionally punctuated by fierce squalls which frequently brought new material onshore. On one particular day I had hidden indoors from the rough weather and when it suddenly abated in the evening, I ventured out for a look. I found this piece amongst seaweed freshly torn from the seabed, and I was not immediately 100% sure of its authenticity. It was only after it was carefully cut by a good friend that it became evident that I had made my selection wisely. I believe that earlier during that same trip I had inadvertently discarded smaller material of a similar sort. It has a strange quartzite interior which was visible on the outside of the nodule and its unusual elongated shape suggested to me that it may have formed within a seam in the long extinct andesite. One close friend described this piece as resembling:"the dissected heart of a sea monster" As yet, no finer description is available.

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