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75mm x 24mm  Pebble Rock, Usan.

This fine specimen was found during the February of 2015. I had taken a week off work and spent every day at Usan, leaving home before 7'o'clock and arriving there after 8am and usually finishing my endeavours by 1 or 2pm. I had a successful week. On one of those excursions I had been exploring the rock outcrops in the Pebble Rock area and discovered a large nodule still within the andesite. The piece was fractured but after a while I was able to extract it, sadly in 3 pieces. It had originally been a "teardrop"-shaped nodule, with the onyx banding extending downward to a point. If I had been able to keep this agate whole it would have measured around 8cm by around 5cm. Stones of this quality and size are very difficult to find in the area, and almost never occur in the beach shingle. Anything of that size would be broken and\or waterworn by the time it made its way to the beach. Of course, there would be many more fractures aswell. It is a majestic piece and one of the best agates I have from the area.

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