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81mm x 49mm

This agate is included here as a curiosity. I cannot pretend that it is an exceptional specimen, other than as regards its extreme weathering. It was found in a rocky gully south of Elephant Rock during the March of 2014, in an area I had newly discovered. From the outside the nodule exhibited intricate fortification banding and appeared mostly white, however, the central mineralized section was also visible. The exquisite fortification banding I first noted is visible along the lower right corner of the stone.

                                Of course, I was disappointed to see the result after the stone was cut, being worked by a good friend it was cleaved for a second time to see if there was any further banding towards the outer part of the nodule. The result of that process can be observed here.

                                 As an example of what weathering can do to an agate, this is a great example. Once it was a magnificent stone, but we can be satisfied with the glorious remnant, and hope for something better in the future.

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