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57mm x 44mm

At time of writing (July 17th 2016), this is the largest tube agate I have found at St Cyrus. I discovered it during windy weather at the apex of a high tide. I actually only just spotted it under other stones as everything was still wet. This did not last however, and within moments the shingle in the area was dry as a bone thus rendering agates far less visible,

                          This is your usual lot at St Cyrus. Fine misty rain is your best bet for agate-hunting. You will never be as successful during dry weather but it is always worth a shot if you are efficient at identifying agate skins when dry, it's good bloody practice. The gloaming is also a fine time to be looking, as the diffuse light helps to dispel the sun's glare on shiny specimens.

                           Fine, intricate, worming tubes writhe throughout this stone, I adore the organic appearance thusly granted. Fortifications in white surround the tips where they tentatively touch the face, like undulations or ripples in the surface of water.

57mm x 40mm

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