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42mm x 22mm

This agate is the finest example of zeolitic agate I have yet found at St Cyrus. Interestingly, it is clearly only a section, highly weathered and water-worn, of a much larger stone, that by my estimation, must have been around quadruple the size when complete. I picked it up in April 2016, in an area where unusual agates occur infrequently amongst extensive beds of shingle and banks of sand.

                           It has been noted by other collectors, that Scottish zeolitic agates occur rarely, and generally without distinction. In my experience, this isn't accurate. Agates of the type are encountered at Ferryden and at Scurdie Ness, at Usan and at Lunan. Examples do occasionally reach the quality of their brethren at locations further south in Fife and in Perthshire. Tantalisingly, I have encountered very large zeolitic agates at Lunan and at Usan, but so far these have mainly comprised of examples so highly weathered that the pattern has been lost almost completely. There is one notable exception shown in the second page of the Lunan galleries.

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