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Leven, a wee seaside town in Fife, nestled snugly on the coast of the Firth of Forth, is a fine location for walk, a talk, along the briny beach. All manner of agates can be collected here, as well as corals, crinoids and other fossils preserved in nodules of  flint. The most often encountered type of agates are the softly orange fortification variety, although a wide range of colours are seen. Stalactitic and zeolitic pieces occur regularly, occasionally being very unorthodox in patterning. One such piece of the latter persuasion, is featured initially here. At this location I have seen agate nodules occur up to a size of perhaps 10 or 11cm in length, though as yet those specimens are being safely held in the collections of others. That said, for the most part you will be rewarded for your efforts here with examples generally attaining sizes of 1 to 4cm. Regardless, as well as fossils and agates, you can also have a rake about in the sand and shingle for seashells. Particular favourites here are King and Queen Scallops and the infamous Pelican's Foot. 

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