77mm x 48mm

Here is an example, dear reader, of an entirely unique agate from Usan. It was picked-up by myself during June of 2016, in a gully north of Boddin Point. If it were jasper, I would expect less clear quartz content, and if it wasn't agate I would expect there to be no iridescent orange-red pigment platelets, of which a multitude are obviously visible. So, this piece straddles the border between agate and jasper.

                            The sagenitic inclusions are unusually coloured and intricate. I do not yet know with which mineral they are associated. The stone is also highly waterworn, and it is unusual for an agate of this size to remain intact in the area. Perhaps it was only recently unbound by the tide, from the sand, grit and mud that kept it whole, while slowly polishing its surface.

                            It's a stone I'm still excited about!

76mm x 46mm