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45mm x 32mm


This agate is one of the most mysterious I have ever seen at Usan. Fine multi-radial zeolitic inclusions (witness the spheres in the top photo of the cut piece, that run along each crystalline needle like a globule of sweat on a single strand of mammalian hair) with iridescent moss and intricate fortifications including bizarre eyelets, shown in the upper central area. The moss appears to cloak the white silicified tubes and zeolitic sprays, and in places can be seen to have peeled off. Agate fortifications and hemispheres have also begun to form towards the base. 

             It reminds me instantly of a Lake Superior agate, being of similar colour, synthesis of types, and high level of detail. However, I am not aware of a Lake Superior agate showing combinations of both mossy and zeolitic inclusions.

             I kept this agate intact for nearly two years before finally acting on impulse one weekend and cutting it carefully in two. Only a small portion of the original skin appears at what I assume to be the nodule's base.

             It was found in the July of 2014, on a glorious warm sunny morning when I was in love.  

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