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"THe  GOlDeN   DAwN"

29mm x 19mm

This agate, found north of Elephant Rock in the beach shingle during the summer of 2014, is unusual perhaps only because of the "luck of the cut". If it were cut differently, it may have displayed fortification patterns, albeit deformed (in this case, possibly by extreme temperatures) In any case, I'm not going to cut it again to find out. The amorphous centre surrounded by a layer of what is probably almost transparent chalcedony is pleasing to the eye.

                 I have a few agates of similar persuasion as regards colour and general appearance outside and within.  None so far have exhibited the highly unusual patterning of this stone. They all originate in one small area, and I have not seen similar stones elsewhere. This agate is a favourite, I'd call it an "abstract or alien landscape" agate. A wild picture stone. Enjoy.

29mm x 19mm

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