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64mm x 23mm

Here is another example of a highly-weathered agate from Usan. It includes areas towards the nodule's centre that are completely mineralised. The contrast between the outer white banding and inner banding in orange is highly attractive. Worm-casts in section can also be observed along the edges of the polished face of the agate. This stone was found by myself in the April of 2014, underwater in shall we say, unusual company, during a rising tide in a gully to the north of Elephant Rock.


              Additionally, I do recall the specific evening that I found this stone. It was a cold, damp night in March or early April in 2014. I had managed somehow to entice a date to accompany me to Usan for a nocturnal jaunt at low tide. She was game, god bless her, although I was immediately disappointed, as I playing the eternal amateur, had misread the tide forecast and the water was nowhere as low as expected. Nevertheless, we proceeded to "rock-hop" out as far as we could, and it was while we were investigating a periodically productive area of shingle only just begun to be searched by myself, that I spotted the highly contrasted colours of this agate, about 7 inches underwater and obvious.

               As is often the case, this stone exhibited a wonderfully "full" and "glowing" exterior, with wormcasts and well-defined banding resplendent in black and white on the skin. Quite the find I'll think you'd agree.


Usan is not traditionally the most romantic of places. Lunan holds that crown in my mind, if refusing to actually wear it. However,  spirits rise, especially in the cold, and so we spent an hour or so flush against each others faces.  I saw her once more, buying her dinner upon the following Sunday. We did not encounter one another again after then, like stones in the shinglebank, people are worn smooth between the times.

(Editor's note : please decline in future from discussing romantic liaisons in the confines of what SHOULD be a purely informative and scientific discussion, it's passive, cloying and besides the (very) bloody point)

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