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65mm x 48mm

This agate was found in one particular rockpool quite low on the shore, which was productive of very water-worn agates, for a short period of time. Recently the pool has been filled with larger boulders, and it does not appear that agates are among them. As of the winter of 2016, the occasional quartz-filled nodule has been observed in this area, but no further high quality specimens.

                           This stone displays some unusual, broad banding and its original light grey-blue colouration has been affected by significant weathering, with areas of black and orange perhaps related to fracturing. Indeed, the stone is cracked fully across its face, however the fracture is healed, and may have occurred while the agate was still in matrix. The strangely orientated central fortification pattern reminds me of a writhing flatworm.



63mm x 50mm
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