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69mm x 55mm

There is a gully in the Usan area where a profusion of waterworn agate can be found again and again, especially after high tides and stormy weather. This stone emerged during one of those times during early October 2014. This nodule is unusual because generally most larger nodules are irregular in shape but this stone has the same shape as most much smaller waterworn Usan agates. Once this piece was cut and began to dry-out the banding on each face became obscured by what appeared to be aerated fracturing. Usan agates are particularly porous. When immersed in water the pattern was again as it appears above and below, so the stone was wax-treated.


The pattern is distinctive of Usan, and reminiscent of the agates from the "Blue Hole" It's a favourite as well as being a rarity!

69mm x 54mm
Recently polished showing aerated fractures throughout flat surface.
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