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41mm x 25.5mm

As has been noted elsewhere, stalactitic agates are very rare in the Usan area. This is one of only 3 or 4 exquisitely and explicitly marked examples I have found in that region, during a period of almost 5 years.


The stalactites In this example, appear moss-like, as is usual with that form here. However, the onyx banding at the base of the specimen, is not. When I first selected the stone, from a tub of older material collected years ago, I had thought it must have fallen into my Usan basin from another container of material, probably that of Lunan Bay, as stalactitic agates are far more commonly encountered there. However, upon closer examination, especially after cutting, I knew that it had been in the correct box all along. The stalactitic formations were distinctly Usan in origin.


I would dearly love to find a similar example of this type of stone, in strong colour. It has been remarked that Usan stones often exhibit bold markings, resembling occult symbols, emblems, sigils and insignia. That, combined with zeolitic inclusions,moss, and brilliant, fluorescent colour, as well as stalactitic formations, well, then we're getting somewhere. As yet, I only have one remarkable agate from the area that exhibits a synthesis of those aforementioned markings (even showing very slender white stalactites like the casts of the Toledo worm (scourge of the old Armada) burrowing through the centre from the base. That specimen can be seen here.

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