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33mm x 12mm

33mm x 13mm

It is to my eternal chagrin, that this outstanding agate is incomplete, and a satisfactory way of cutting it to reveal a complete face was not achievable, due to its slender nature. It had existed as a broken, and exquisitely water-worn nodule for umpteen decades. 

                  Of course, I can go on. Why the devil is it, that an agate of bright canary yellow, also includes stalactitic inclusions? Were the colour not uncommon enough, to couple it with markings only very rarely seen in Usan stones is akin to cosmic mockery. Not to mention, that this unique piece is also broken, and would not qualify for "museum" quality. 

                  It was simply another stone picked by myself from the shoreline shingle, probably during 2012 or the following year, during the summer months.

                  I love the eye that crowns one basal stalactite in the uppermost half. Nice.



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