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38mm x 18mm

This agate is an oddity amongst oddities. I could see the tube-like formations from the outside of the nodule, and knew instantly that I had found something unusual. Presumably these aforementioned tube-like formations are zeolites, penetrating the nodule from both the base and the pinnacle. The grey-blue water-level is a backdrop, or perhaps a matte painting.

                 It was found north of St Cyrus in a shinglebank during the deep winter of January 2016. In my mind I see the sinous zeolites at the base as whirling dancers, dervishes if you like. I fancy some kind of statue or even entity behind them. One-eyed, towering and malevolent. I find it slightly sinister in that regard. A "picture" stone with a ghost story to tell. An Edgar Allen Poe tale in the world of "The Masque of the Red Death" or maybe something from the undisclosed annals of Lovecraft or Aickman.

                 Perhaps a stiff drink is in order then, just a finger's breadth in a glass, and the time to gaze within. Sleep well my friends.

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