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32mm x 17mm

Coloured agates are difficult to find in the St Cyrus area. Most nodules found, from under 1cm to over 10cm usually tend to be the omnipresent grey-blue. Occasionally in certain portions of shingle strongly coloured agates can be found, and this piece is a member of that particular species. This stone was found during the summer of 2015 in an area of shingle I had only just begun to frequent. Since that time I have found around ten similar nodules, one of which also includes the aforementioned grey-blue colouration. These agates show extensive pink-orange colouration, and never seem to exceed 2 or 3cm in diameter. Additionally, the pulsing white inclusions are generally always present at the base of a stone of this colour. Anything larger tends to be opaque or incorporate blue-grey banding. These stones are exquisite, and the colour is unique to the area.

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