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77mm x 25mm


76mm x 24mm

Procuring larger agates at Lunan is difficult, and most pieces here are smaller, being about 2 or 3 cm in diameter. This agate then, is a rarity. It was found during March 2016, again south of Red Castle, following a period of rough weather. It was partially buried in the sand, and showed stalactitic or tube-like formations on the nodule's outside. Sadly, as is encountered often with larger pieces, these markings were not shown to be predominant in the agates interior, once it was cut. 

         I have seen larger Lunan geodes, if this could be described as one. It certainly displays a quartz centre, albeit of indistinct appearance. Any agates larger than 7cm are seldom encountered at Lunan, and most contain a far larger percentage of quartz to agate. The fortification banding here is wonderfully bright and sharp, like seashell. The colouration in pastel browns and white is unusual, and as with many Lunan and Usan stones, the piece displays a large "indent" at its base, like one would encounter in a baked bun. Most Scottish agates show something of an "indent", owing to gravity no doubt, but for whatever reason, stones from the aforementioned locations display more pronounced "impressions". 

         It's always a boon to find an agate of large size in Scotland. I would say this happens for me perhaps 10 times yearly. At least as far as nodules mostly without quartz are concerned. Years ago, I was obsessed with finding the larger stones, yet in time I realised the miniature beauty of the smaller agates of Usan predominantly, and other locations. A comparable agate in larger size only occurs "once in a blood moon" and I am impressed with this one. It is very far removed in appearance from a usual Lunan pebble, and as such I am enamoured.

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