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81mm x 58mm

74mm x 57mm

This large Lunan geode with its striking zeolitic inclusions has an interesting history. Well, at least as far as stones in my own collection go. It spent much of its relatively brief time with me as part of a small rockery in the front garden of my parent's house. I had picked it up during the summer of 2014, and despite its obvious partial agate content, had decided at that stage it was not of any particular merit.

            So I had deposited it with my mother, who had placed it in her garden ,along with some pieces of quartz and other geodes from locations including Barras, Scurdie Ness and Usan. 

             Later, during the January of 2017, upon unlocking my parents front door on a lunchtime visit from work, I again noticed it, and decided that, no, actually, there IS something worth investigating further here. What exactly are those oddly-shaped markings in the interior? It had been found partially buried in the sand high on the Lunan shore. 

             Upon cutting I was elated at the sight of the grand and intricate inclusions into the central portion of partially yellowish quartz. I haven't as yet seen another similar Scottish specimen, from Lunan or elsewhere. Its size too makes it a welcome irregularity. It reminds me of similar agates from the southern states of America, Turkey, Germany and others. Plume agates are only very occasionally found at Lunan, but they clearly deserve more attention. Imagine the possibilities! Endless. Who can envisage what might be found in the future? 

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