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48mm x 37mm

49mm x 36.5mm

After months of regular searches at Kinneff, it wasn't until New Year's Eve 2016, that I finally uncovered an exquisitely unusual specimen, which I then kept intact for a few weeks before deciding to take a chance at unveiling what markings might be hidden in the stone's centre. From examining the agate's exterior I had originally feared that the rust-coloured stalactites might not penetrate far beyond the outer layers (of course, as can be seen above, the upper face of the uncut stone was clearly peppered with the orbicular roots of the stalactites themselves) Happily, I was mistaken. In fact, although initially underwhelmed by the appearance of the two halves, later, as is often the case, photographing them closely revealed the true majesty of this piece.

                 It's just as well really, as I was soaked to the skin, having made my excursion upon the cusp of the festive squalls. Finding this made it really worth it. Hey, it's always worth it anyway! 

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