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Broughty Ferry, a suburb of nearby Dundee, is an occasional source of high quality agates. The most productive area appears to be west of Broughty Castle, though agate is also found sparingly to the north towards Carnoustie. Generally speaking, the diminutive coloured agates so prevalent at locations on the Fife shore of the Tay are not to be encountered so commonly here. Smaller blue-grey fortification agates are encountered as well as larger examples that may display stalactitic or zeolitic structures within. More rarely, colourful Plume agates have been collected here, though examples of such are exceedingly scarce. That said, I have not exhaustively investigated the location for an extended period of time, and of course that is exactly what would be required to discover what else remains to be found. As with locations to the south, surprises are always to be expected, as much material lies hidden between this location and Tentsmuir and Tayport on the opposite side of the river. 

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